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Take control of your future

Financial planning is taking the time to view your future.

You can see where you will be with planning or not know without.

It is that simple.

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Warren Buffett four ideals for financial success: Click here

Guaranteed Investment Funds or Segregated Funds are a type of investment fund offered by insurance companies that allow clients to invest in equity, bond, and/or index funds while providing a promise of a predefined minimum value of the fund (usually, the initial investment amount) will be available at the fund's maturity or when the client dies. These also have enormous benefits at death or bankruptcy.



What does success look like to you? Do you know how long your money will last when take that permanent vacation?

Do you want your lifetime of earnings and assets to go to your family or to Revenue Canada?  Having your affairs in order is very important. An updated Will and Power of Attorney take little time to complete, most people spend more time planning a holiday. We can help.



We go to the Candian marketplace to find you the best price or product available for your age, sex, and health condition.

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