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How long before we start making money again?

Emotions are the single most detrimental value to investors.

It is not normal human behavior to feel uncomfortable. Humans like to be greedy. We like positive reinforcement and good news. We don't like waiting. We prefer to have things now!

The successful investor will have to be patient and knowledgable. Take the advice of someone you trust. As your advisor, I want to be here for you to answer the tough questions and to hold your hand through times like this. I have seen it numerous times, and the results are always the same. History has shown that it takes an average of only 19 months for the markets to return to their previous levels. There are huge gains on single days and when the feeling starts to be more comfortable, the markets begin a new cycle. Investors need to control emotions both on highs and lows. Success takes time and keeping emotions in check.

Listen to 10 minutes of Warren Buffet on buying and holding quality companies.

That is what we do.

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